i’m going to be published!!!!!! in a magazine!!!!! outside of my country!!!!!

i’m!!!! so!!! proud!!! 

But loving someone, and being loved means so much to me. We always make fun of it and stuff. But isn’t everything we do in life a way to be loved a little more?

Before Sunrise (1995)

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just found 400 Lux today. what a great song.

Present. Future.

The minute you think you’re absolutely sure of where you need to be, you find yourself boarding the train to another station. I’m not sure where exactly I’m heading to next, I know for certain it’s somewhere beyond now.

In this singular month, I saw how much I’ve grown mentally and physically. I’m not who I use to be and it doesn’t feel like I’ve lost anything of me, it just feels like I’m so comfortable and okay with being who I am currently.

There’s plenty of room to keep going, I’m grateful for the progress so far.

I’ve come to realize no one punishes you for expressing your feelings. Those who make fun of you or tell you to be less sensitive are just people who are ashamed of this very human trait we have.

Feeling is the one thing that connects all of us, without it we’d only be fragments floating aimlessly.

It’s like the quote from the Thorah that’s mentioned in Nick & Norah (hey! that rhymed), about how the world is broken and it’s our job to piece it back together, then Nick tells Norah that maybe we’re the pieces?

I feel that way about my feelings. That when I feel, I’m piecing one small thing back together. What that piece represents, I’m not sure. I am sure that the piece is important to me as I grow.

I’m really grateful for the events I’ve gotten to experience in the last three years since turning 20 and I’m excited and very scared for all the experiences coming.

It’s natural to be afraid, I’ve told many times, yet the fear gets ahead of you, lodging itself in your throat, making you anxious.Nothing feels more liberating after however, beating your fear and your anxiousness makes you realize how minuscule fear is in the first place.

I hope everyone feels this liberation and ease.

I hope everyone feels calm and loved as I do.

I really hope they do.

  August 27, 2014 at 12:28pm

green august was two years ago ??????

what the hell. oh man, fishingboatproceeds is gonna celebrate his birthday tomorrow!


  August 22, 2014 at 11:13pm


when someone calls me ugly

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Kilo Kish by rocketrictic on Flickr.

this is still a favorite. i remember enjoying painting this a lot and definitely a change up in my art style to a more clean, crisp character.

man, can you believe i’ve been doing this art thing for about two years now.


Girls get mocked for liking high heels and lipstick. Girls get mocked for liking sports. Girls get mocked for liking tea and books. Girls get mocked for liking comics books and video games. Girls get mocked for liking math and science. Girls get mocked for liking boys. Girls get mocked for liking girls. Girls get mocked for liking both. What the fuck are we supposed to like? Water? Air? Come on, tell me. I’m dying to know. 

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Years And Years, Real

i tweeted the other day about how ludicrous it is that i was seeking for acceptance when the most important acceptance i should have is from myself.

it’s been a while since i’ve posted any artwork here, only a lot of talk of my art getting stolen and reproduced.

i’m doing good on most parts. been travelling a lot, went to singapore to catch the1975 live and then did a lot of spending in hong kong. 

i’ve also been working really hard to establish myself as an illustrator/artist/designer of sorts and all the hard work will pay off in due time. i finished one of them “big projects” today and was really happy with the outcome and result of my work.

there’s more to come, i’m sure.

  August 21, 2014 at 11:24am